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April 30, 2009



that great Betty!!! congrats!!!

sorry to hear that your son has been so sick...that is terrible...i hope he is on the mend soon...

i never heard of someone being harassed about meds they take in regards to keeping their drivers license...good luck with that...i find that to be kind of ridiculous myself!!!

Lavender Dreams

How neat is that...I mean the magazine quote! I can't wait to get it and read about OWOH! I had such great fun and met so many neat people! Hope your day is better now!


Sounds like California-I don't think they have that rule here in Montana. Either that or the diabetics I know just keep their mouths shut!

Kathy-Catnip Studio

Betty, that is such a wonderful boost, and so very timely, too! Congrats, and I hope your son is feeling better soon.


How wonderful to see that on a day you needed something good. :)

It doesn't seem possible a year has gone by since I remember when you were going through that last time.

Thankfully we don't have anything like that here.

I keep something in the glove compartment and in my purse in case I feel my bg levels getting dangerously low.

I also have a medical bracelet in my purse that my doctor wants me to wear but I don't like to wear bracelets.

When it comes down to it, you have to either learn to laugh or cry with diabetes (or sometimes both).


awwww.. congrats Betty! that is awesome to be featured in a mag!


Congratulations Betty ! That's great !


Oh wow, well done you!! xxxx

carole emens

Betty Dear:
Float on!!!
You are the genuine article and deserve all nice things : )
Yeah!!! I will buy the magazine so I can read the article as you are my Friend!!!
Come over and visit so you can enter my Give Away. I am sure there is something in my Etsy shop you could use since you are one creative lady!!!


Betty, what a wonderful surprise to find yourself quoted in Artful Blogging - one of my favorite publications! You deserve that after a tough day.



Hope your son feels better soon.

Karen Young

Betty, you float all you want. That is so nice that your words are in the magazine. What a nice little surprise to help you over some of life's little difficulties.(or big as the case may be)

Hugs karen

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