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May 27, 2009



I like your fabric very much ! Unfortunately i don't know the magazine Where Women Create. I know that you have in your country wonderful creation magazines. Have a nice day :) xo

LiLi M.

Yesss!!! It will absolutely match your color scheme and your style. Cannot wait to see it finished. I loved that issue where women create too! I went to Barnes & Nobles 3 times before I finally found it at Books a million!


If you ever decide, it'll be a lovely adornment to your window! Love the red and those little boys. Seeing them right on the window will kinda help us remind to not forget (ever) to be a child at heart :-)


Karen Young

WoW Betty, that fabric is wonderful. I think it will make a fantastic valance for your studio. And, if you have enough fabric a cushion would look lovely in your wicker chair.

Hugs Karen


Hi Betty:
Love the fabric!!!
I just had a senior break and lost my train of thought : ) YIKES.
Have a great day, cut the fabric and sew your heart away. I may e-mail you later as I want to try my hand at making something and I believe you hold the answers : )
Peace & Hugs

Lavender Dreams

I have that fabric and I put it over a little table for my dolls to have a tea party. I'll have to post a picture soon! I didn't hem it...just folded it so I could do something else with it later! Maybe....! ; )


The fabric is beautiful! I would have to have it too if I found it!
Hugs, Lisa


Great fabric, now you want me to go look for that magazine. I do have a Barnes and Noble about an 45 mile drive from me. So I guess would be a good excuse to get away from spring housecleaning...


Pretty piece of fabric...when I first saw it I thought apron, but a valance would be darling with that cute border print. I'm in the same boat as you...I'm busy but (not doing anything in particular) before you know it the day is gone....hugs, Linda

Mary Isabella

I think it very beautiful...m..


I love that fabric. Not sure what a valance is. (In England it's for a bed). If it's a window blind, then I think it will make a great one as it will show off the design beautifully and make you smile each time you go in.


Betty, It's PERFECT!!!! Time to cut into it, says I.
;) Amy

Lavender Dreams

I mentioned you on my blog today! Have a great day!


Oh Betty,

I will join the chorus and say, "YES, CUT AND SEW! ! ! "

I think it would go perfectly and really tie in with your sweet collectibles on your fabric shelves. And yes ! A pillow with the same fabric would be DIVINE !

Hugs, Janice


Hi Betty,
It has been fun getting caught up with you.

karla nathan

That fabric looks like it was just made for a valance!

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

I have that fabric myself. See...I knew there was a reason I liked you. You like so many of the things I like myself. I'm glad you are feeling better this week. Weepy moments...sigh...so much a part of life at times. Hang in there, girl!

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