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December 03, 2010


Lavender Dreams

They are all so precious! All of your ladies are so creative and I love Elizabeth's ideas! AND YES...I wear an apron all the time! I wear the same one for awhile and then get tired of it! lol Enjoy your weekend! ♥

Mrs Kwitty

That was a fun little ramble down memory lane! I don't remember my Mom wearing an apron, but she was always in the kitchen. I have a couple of vintage aprons that I'll wear when the mood strikes me, like when we do our holiday baking. Love the apron pockets...so cute!
Smiles, Karen

LiLi M.

I have several beauties, but I never wear them, I'm a clean cook ;-)!
Love the apron tags!


They are so cute, you should make a garland with them! Rachaelxo


I love Aprons~~sometimes it makes me miss my Grandma Ruth~~but wonderful memories of baking with her~~~ My Mom still has the aprons my grandma made my sister and I when we were young...Now our girls wear the aprons at her house to bake...special traditions to keep going...

Have a good weekend Betty!



I'm sure my mom wore an apron, but it was the 70s and it was only a half apron. More of a glorified dish towel, not real protection. I almost always wear an apron. I have two red ones I adore. Full frontal coverage with at least one pocket. I even wear an apron in my classroom. There are always things to carry around and I just don't have enough hands, so I put on an apron and stash things in there. My school apron is green and white striped with Mary E. pins, pinned on it. I even wear an apron when I am gardening or potting. I guess I know I am messy when I do projects like that.

All the apron pocket tags are just delightful! This is what makes blogging so fun - just seeing all that creativity out there.


I don't think I've ever mentioned how much I enjoy your header. It's just full of delightful things to look at and we share much of the same taste in books! :)


Betty, those are adorable!! I'm thinking I may do a valentine apron swag during the holidays when I have time, lots of pink and red paper! Still admiring those snowmen!! Hopefully I'll be done decorating by Tuesday night, then onto baking! Love,Lori


Those tags turned out very nice. What a clever idea.

My mom wore aprons sometimes, but I rarely do. My granny did, and my husband's grandma did. One of my sister in laws always seemed to have an apron on, until she became a nun. I don't know if she wears an apron over her "working" habit or not. I'm guessing "not".


Love your memories of moms baking !!! I don't remember my mom with aprons or stains either. I am with you as the apron is always an afterthought and I have a slew of shirts that are only designated house shirts. I never quite learn my lesson. I missed the apron pocket swap but have loved seeing them :) Happiest of holidays to you and your mom :)!!!


Hi Betty, this post is terrific. Yes,I wear aprons and I like the same kind as you. Not for my phone though, I need to cover up as much as I can. HA! I do remember suppers and always dessert. Mostly pie, because my dad loved pie. My mom did all the cooking and baking. I would have loved the rolls your mom made. smile. Your photos of the apron swap are so cute.
Have a great week.
Hugs, Jeanne

Sandy McClay

Oh Betty,
How fun that you showed them all off like this!!!! You will have to tell me how you made the whole photo! My Mom wore half aprons, but my Grandma's and grand aunt wore the full ones, every single day. It must be hard at times when your folks can't seem to remember things you know they should....you have been blessed with a Mom that celebrated an 80th birthday! I loved this post!!!! Your box will be there soon! :):)


Wonderful post. I am glad I am not the only one who stains everything I wear in the kitchen. I do remember my mom always wearing an apron. I have one of hers still and the belly is worn thin --I love that!!


I love this post and the apron tags are very nice. I am amazed at the number of ladies who don't regulary wear their aprons. I have mine hanging with my dresses so first thing in the morning I put on my dress and an apron as well. Aprons kept out of the way in a drawer seldom get worn, hence my idea of hanging them with my dresses. My aprons are all full pinafore style, some even look like a dress hanging up. My mother and both grannies always wore their aprons. I still remember my mother walking out the door going to church sale days with her apron on. And the occasional picnic she would say "I need an apron to wear when I am getting lunch ready, I may as well wear one there"!!!

Annette Hilson

I always wear long full skirted Edwardian pinafores. They look good and feel good.

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