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August 30, 2007



Wish I lived nearer I'd be visiting all the time - how lovely! Beautiful shop and house, lucky owners!
Kim x
PS a greengage is a sort of green plum, Reine Claude, and it's very, very yummy!


Wow- what a gorgeous place! Fresno, hmmm- that's doable on a Saturday...
The link to Apple Hill is http://www.applehill.com/
& they have downloadable maps, calendar of events, etc; it's located on Highway 50, east of Sacramento (as you're heading to Tahoe) & there are tons of places to stay overnight. It's even fun over Christmas time, with the tree farms & craft fairs.


I can tell that wonderful place would quickly become a favorite of mine too!
Thank you for the visit. I've enjoyed ti.


Why didn't I know of these places when I lived in Southern CA...now that I've moved to Utah I'm finding more lovely places that I was unaware of. Will have to plan a trip to CA I guess. Came to your blog via Daisy Cottage, love your photo's! They are all right up my alley! Thanks for sharing will visit again.

Susan Tuttle

Wow!!!--Good Goods is such an amazing place!!! I so enjoyed all of your wonderful photographs!!

Thanks so much for leaving the wonderful cupcake story on my blog--gave me a giggle.


Mrs. Kwitty

Gorgeous!!! I love the garden shed--what a beautiful place. And, speaking of beautiful places--you set a pretty fine table yourself!! The tablecloth is really a treasure--along with all the other lovely things on the table!
Smiles, Karen


Hi Betty!

WOW!! I have never been there, but have tried several times to make my way over there and it's never worked out...

My mom works in Visalia, so I'll have to go sometime to meet her for lunch and then sneek over to Good Goods!!

Thanks for sharing all of the great pics!!



What a great place Good Goods is it would be one of my fav. destinations too if I lived close enough. Thanks ever so for sharing these photographs.


Oh, I'd love to visit a place like that! It's so pretty!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have a Michael, too! I told everyone my son was "Michael," not "Mikey." My husband is Mike, my son is Michael, my nephew is "Mikey." Makes it less confusing.

Esther Sunday

Definately a dream home for me. Do you think they would be interested in adopting a 43 year old? I am neat and clean. Love, Esther

Sweet Remembrance

My Goodness...Good Goods is good! Love everything there! The garden shed is fabulous...Loving it!


Looks like you came home with some good goods. Surely hubby will let you keep them LOL! Thanks for taking us along for the trip!

Paula Sealey

These pictures are wonderful Betty, it looks like a great place to visit. Thanks for sharing:)

Paula Sealey

Sorry, I forgot to ask if you mind me adding you to my blog list?


What a gorgeous Barn!! Thanks for sharing these pretty pictures! I have an invite for you....
you can read more about it on my blog.Bonnie


I forgot to say that anyone is welcome!

the feathered nest

I'd be there every day if I lived by this place. What a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing the pictures!



Oh Betty, what a beautiful place to visit. Love it . I wanted to thank you for going to visit my daughter ,Regina, at her blog. She is a sweet young lady and needs a lot of encouragement.
Thanks again !

Niesz Vintage Home

Wow! What an absolutely fabulous place!

I wish I lived closer...well, maybe not...I'd spend a fortune there! LOL

Thanks for the picture tour.

Kimberly :)


Hi Betty, First of all, thanks for visiting Hollyhocks! I will have to look through Romantic Homes again for the shop...and, I think I have that garden table and chairs on my sunporch (see Amy Butler post from July). Small world! I will be back soon. I love the aprons.

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