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October 24, 2007



Oh Betty! Gorgeous, simply gorgeous, but then I knew it would be!! What a lucky, lucky girl she is! :-)


Oh very pretty! Your daughter will love it!

Natasha Burns

What a gorgeous quilt Betty!!! Love the colours!

Wow, that is talent!

Kahshe Cottager aka Jen

This turned out so nice ... and the buttons are such a cute detail. I am sure your daughter will be so thrilled with it that in the end you will be happy you spent all that time adding the buttons!

I love quilts but have never tried to make one. I have a feeling that I need more patience than I have at the moment to start such an ambitious proect!


I adore the quilt to pieces!!! (Crazy quilt pieces, that is!) It is so wonderful. Your daughter is the luckiest duck I know! It will look great in her office and she will have a real treasure from her sweet Mom.


What a stunning quilt! I love the combination of colors and patterns! Your daughter is one lucky lady!!!

Miss Paula

It is PINK and I love it!


Wow, that was fast! It's lovely Betty, and so it the bag.
Take care.


Such a lovely quilt and the colours are wonderful. You don't waste any time do you?!
Kim x


wow, that turned out beautifully. I know, isn't it a shame real life interfere's with crafting, blogging etc!

Karen Young

The crazy quilt for your daughter is lovely.



Very pretty! I'm sure you daugghter will love it.

Chef Bren

I love crazy quilts, they are so unique and no one has one like it. I love the materials and colors you used. :) Bren


Jenn and Jacqui

Hi Betty, the quilt will be perfect for your daughter's office, it's such a pretty pink! Love it! Ahh, the bills and the housework, they never end do they? Have a grat day Betty! Jenn and Jacqui


Awwwwwwwwww, so cute! Am loving that darlin' pink quilt for your daughter's office. And fleece for the back, sounds awesome to me! Beth's bag is great, too. So glad it spurred you on to that quilt! You go, girl. Have a wonderful week-end. Hugs. :-)


Oh, wow, the bag and quilt are amazing! And backing the quilt with fleece is such a great idea. I'm sure it's the softest blanket ever!

Betty C.

I saw your comment on Corey's blog, and I'm pretty much just stopping by to say hello because I'm another blogger named Betty!


I love the idea of using fleece. It's a beautiful quilt!


I'm back to say 'thanks' for the nice comment about the blouse I'm making. And to tell you I finally, finally decided what I'm making for you. No, I'm not telling you, LOL! But now that I've settled on something (I keep changing my mind) I'll get started on it!

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