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October 17, 2007



Hello Betty :)
Nice job on the RL shirt and the bag too!!!!
I'm tired too and also want to sit and catch up on some good 'ol magazines and books...the work never ends!


I have more magazines than I can read... sometimes I only have time to drool over the gorgeous photos in them. =)

Miss Paula

Betty, you just brighten my day with your words and your talent and pictures. You have been a light in my weary week. Things with my daughter aren't better but, I have my Lord to sustain me!!

Could you please tell me, do you make your paper dresses with scrapbook paper? I drew a dress pattern and I just want to make sure on the how to. My DH and I and our couple friends are going to Santa Barbara tonight for the weekend and I thought my friend and I could be crafty!!


"waiting on boys and their granny" I really hope you don't mean this literally. :-( No one should have to wait on anyone else. Unless that person is totally incapacitated. And I hardly think the people in your life, are.

When you're tired, please remember... People will 'take,' as long as you 'give.' The only way to get rest, is to take it, for yourself.



That tote bag is very pretty indeed. I love the rosy fabrics and the lace. And how lucky for you to have found a RL shirt for just a few dollars.

Thank you for your lovely comments in my blog. I really do appreciate them, and am so pleased to hear the you have been inspired to make vintage crazy quilt squares. I can not wait to see more of them. In fact, I am very pleased to have found your blog, lots in inspiration and lovely photos here.

karla nathan

My husband travels a lot, so I know what you mean!


I love the bag and the quilt. No wonder you are Sew Tired!!
I really like hearing about your thrifty trips.

I thought that was the coolest, sweetest thing when you told me about your hubby and the Scrabble board!!!!!!!


Cute bag and we love the same magazines too.

Flea Market Queen

I love the bag & quilt...
I so admire anyone who sews, I haven't a clue how!
OK...you asked about mileage from Fresno to Costa Mesa, here you go...

Distance is 381 kilometers or 237 miles or 206 nautical miles

Hope to see you soon!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Look at your pretty, pretty tote bag!!!
What a wonderful mixture of fabrics and lace
and it goes perfect with the new denim shirt!
Love, love, love the quilt squares, too.
Sewing can poop ya out if you do it all day long.
I like to sew in spurts, but find it very
relaxing - that is until I have to pull the
seam ripper out....which can be frustrating!

Love your things!!!!!! Beth is going to love her bag for sure!



No wonder you are tired! Beautiful work!


i love the colors you used in the quilt squares!

A Fanciful Twist

Love your wonderful Squares. I am convinced that sewing is the same as doin math for many hours straight. You head has to be totally into it. And it takes your mind away.. So of course, you are tired after. Lovely tote and wonderful quilt. Yipppe for $4 unworn Lauren. xxo


The tote bag is gorgeous!! What a gorgeous mix of fabrics! And good find on the shirt!


Oooo lovely stitching Betty - really nice colour combination. I know what you mean about feeling tired. I'm on two weeks leave and feel so exhausted I wonder if I'll ever be able to get through a whole day at work again?? Must be the weather!

Steph W

That's an awesome bag - great colors!

Alison Gibbs

Betty, thanks for visiting my blog and congratulating us on Riley's arrival.
Love the bag.


Whenever I feel I am missing something I now know that it is your blog -- as soon as I come here I feel I've had a nice cuppa on the front porch with a favorite friend. Love the new bag... and the pink and green pieces. It makes sense that you get quite a lot done with the husband either gone or sleeping... when they are under foot nothing gets done. NOTHING! I'll have one more sip whilst I go peek at that darling picture of the little girl with her sewing machine -- reminds me of somebody I used to be. ;o)

See Ya,

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