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October 21, 2007


Natasha Burns

Betty wow vivid colours! i am loving that planta rack, so beautiful!!! so where do you dry your clothes???


Well, shut my mouth!!!! I'll have to sleep on which 7 random things I care to share. (If I am not cautious there is danger of someone tossing a net over me.... I'll think this one through. Tally Ho.

The feathered nest

That was a fun way to this! Marigolds are great - they just keep self seeding themselves in my garden so I haven't had to buy any for years. Your son's shirts are wonderful. I haven't tie dyed anything in years but I remember it as being loads of fun. Maybe I'll do it with my daughter - thanks for the inspiration!



Do over!!! #5 isn't weird...
I love the shirts and the look on your son's face!!

Meg Jewell

Nice boy and a nice Mom, what could be better? Love that your son digs tie-dye. Good job!



I knit while the Raiders lost. Yes, I am a northern Michigan girl who has been a Raider fan since 1976. Go figure......


Thanks for sharing some of your wierd and wackey things...I love the clothes rack! Looks like something that I would do at my house.


The peace rose is my favorite rose, too! I had one, but the deer ate it all the way down. I love your photo of it, beautiful!


It's lovely to find out more about you! I think it's great that your son loves to tie-dye, tell him the t shirt is great.
Kim x


Number six, me too :)

Donna O.

Hi Betty- great (and funny) list. I believe the pink flowers are a dwarf type of phlox- seems they love your garden, too!
Thanks for the visit-


I LOVE football! And my Pats are keeping me quite happy this season (less all the craziness about the cheating cr*p)! lol Then there's my Red Sox... but I digress!

I love the colors of your tie-dying, so very vibrant! I'm like you with flowers... I don't know their names (except rose, daisy, tulip - lol)!


I loved your list and your photos.
Your flowers are so pretty.


love the last of summer flowers...yours are beautiful...mine don't look so good...blessings, rebecca


The pink flowers are petunias and if you pinch them back hard they will take off again (if your climate is right. I live in Australia and am about to plant two flats of petunias for a summer display.

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