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October 23, 2007


Beth Leintz

I'm cracking up laughing about Doodenana. You must be quite the actress!

Your floral fabrics are beautius (that's a step above beautiful).

I can't believe you'll have a quilt done by this weekend- you are a crazy sew and sew- can't wait to see it when it's done!

Beth Leintz

Oh, I have some of those little bat wing snaggers, too- I thought there original purpose was to wrap around a little juice glass- kind of a juice glass cozy- but I'm going to put them out tonight to see what I catch!

Pinkie Denise

OH, I love the roses fabric so pretty! I have to tell about Miss Nelson, I worked for the last seven
year in special education. The litte boy I last took care of love me to read books to him. His favorite was Miss Nelson because I was Mrs. Nelson.
I just thought that brought up so many memories. Thanks for sharing. Pinkie Denise P.S. I havent forgot about you family history. I can't snatch the book away long enough from my mom.


OH Betty! How very, very pretty! I love your crazy quilt square!! Your daughter is one lucky gal! Now, stop tempting me, I have so many unfinished projects going, I simply cannot turn around a start a crazy quilt!!! I can't... I can't...... hmmmm.... ;-)


Doodenana, love it! Think you should go to the party as Doodenana the Witch. Love the quilt fabrics, so pretty. Am impressed you are going to finish it this weekend!

blondie Spence

Oh my Lord, we are cut from the same off center mold! giggled so much over Doodenana! Thanks for a nice morning wake up smile!


You are TOO funny Betty! I loved your Doodenana story & how cool that the memory stays alive in your family! Your new fabrics are GORGEOUS! My only thought about the little crocheted "cups" is maybe they are chignon covers? to be bobby pinned over a bun in your hair? Maybe not & I'm sure you will find a better use for them!
Enjoy your day!


LOL, I think I need a visit from Doodenana today! Does she ever stay to help do some of the picking up?! ;-) What a hilarious name. I came back, as just after I had finished commenting on your most recent post, I returned to my blog, and you had just commented. Looks like we were visiting each other literally at the same time. Amazing! So glad to be back. Love your materials, here. Sounds as if you all are having some fun! Have a great day. :-)

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Cute story and love your fabrics. That little cup would be a cute hat for something if flipped over. I pray that your family is safe down there. Too scary and so heartbreaking!! xo, becky


OMG, That is such a funny story! I bet your kids will never let you live that one down...

SUCH Pretty fabric choices! Love that! What a nice mommy you have!


PS- Have a fun time at the party... take lots of pictures to share!!


My children and I also enjoyed "Miss Nelson is Missing". I am thankful my daughter's room is upstairs and not very visible. You are so right about priorities. Your fabric is lovely and you will have fun with that! thank you also for your comments on my son. He will heal in time. Hope your family in CA is saft. It is so sad and prayers go up for all those involved.


The crocheted cups fit on the bottoms of glassware as coasters...kind of like pants for juice/water glasses. :-)
A friend of mine from the Phillipines always used them for her glassware when she invited me over for the afternoon. What a great find! I appreciate the time you take to share the treasures you find. I enjoy your blog over coffee in the morning.


Doodenana was a mean, evil scary witch! Atleast me and matt had eachother :) Haha!


What a cute story...and thanks for giving us a peak of your new fabric. Beautiful. Be sure to post the quilt you are working on when it's done.


The lace "cups" that you are trying to define their use look very much like "snoods". This lace cup would be pinned over a hair bun on the back of a lady's head. It would dress up your hair style. When my hair was long (when I was much younger), I used to make them to match my clothing.


I love all the stuff in the pictures. So pretty.

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