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October 15, 2007


Natasha Burns

Yes it's great when people 'get' you isn't it!!! My sentiments exactly!!!
Going to put pics of your paper dresses you sent me on my blog in the next couple of days by the way!

Mrs. Kwitty

I feel the same way about my blopg friends! It's great! I love seeing all the cool things you find out on your treasure hunts. The cards are wonderful.
Smiles, Karen

Karen Young

Great cards you found at the antique show. Also, doesn't it just make your day to receive surprises in the mail.



Those vintage greeting cards are delightful. The blogging world is definitely perfect for finding kindred spirits :)


I would have LOVED to go through those cards with you!!!

I also received my package from Jennie last evening! I will be taking pics once the kids are off to school. She sent you some VERY thoughtful gifts! What a sweetie! =)


Hi Betty
I think I 'get you'. If you have a mo - pop over to mine and 'see' my latest post (last night). Posted before I'd seen yours - spooky!!

Lisa Johnson

I so "get" you! Your first couple of sentences could have been written by me. I didn't know what I was missing until I started my blog. It has been so wonderful meeting new people who "get" me. Now I can share my stuff with people who actually appreciate it. Cute cards, love your blog, keep doing what your doing girl, I'll be back.



Thank you for your kind comment (puppy picture). :-)
I enjoyed your post today. I feel the same way. People "get me". It's all about sharing happiness.


It is almost a relief to find that there really are like minded people in the world.


Oh what great stuff Betty! I also find that not many of the people in my "real life" actually "get me" so I love this little tight blog world of friends that do!! I don't know what I'd do without all of you!!
xo natalea


Dear Betty, I love your box of vintage greeting cards. A great fine for you ! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.



I think I 'get you" too! Sharing our loves and treasures with other bloggers is such a great thing, Making new friends like this has been a wonderful experience for me too.
Kim x
Can I come and have a rummage in that box of cards?


Betty, What lovely goodies you've received.
Yes I agree about why we blog.. We have been blessed to meet some of the best Gals in the world through our blogging. Just like you!!
Take care! ~Mary~ :-}

Sandra Evertson

Wonderful post!
Sandra Evertson

Alison Gibbs

Betty you are so right. Blogging friends do get you - others just look at you with...you know...that look of 'you're weird'! Thanks for sharing your pics. of the wonderful cards and the things sent to you by jennie and Elizabeth,


I so enjoy visiting your blog; filled with images that make me feel good inside.

The feathered nest

Love the picture of the little girl sewing! I agree with you on the why of blogging. I wish I could meet everyone in person as I've so enjoyed "meeting" people through blogs.


kahshe cottager aka Jen

I am so very glad you were happy with your surprises! And I am surprised at how quickly it got there!


Daisy Cottage

Oh I know what you mean! Blogging has been a HUGE blessing in that now we can share with others who "get" our passions! Love your new goodies too Betty!!


Heather ~ Pretty Petals

What a wonderful gift from Jennie!! I SO would have wanted to sift through the cards with you :))))))

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