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February 23, 2008


Karen Young

Hi Betty, Oh I'm so excited to be the winner. Thank you so much.

I'm so happy to hear that your mom walk over 100 feet today and is getting in and out of bed by herself. She should be proud of all the work she has done.

Also, wishing you a lovely anniversary. I just loved hearing how to two of you met.

Hugs Karen
I will send my snail mail to you.

Ele at A bit of Pink Heavene

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful roses. Glad your mother is doing better. I hope you are able to rest and take care of yourself also. Such a cutie pie you purchased from Sadie Lou Who!

Alison Gibbs

Happy Anniversary.
How wonderful that your Mom is doing so well.


What a WONDERFUL story! Happy Anniversary to Betty and her sweet hubby!

HEY! Does he get to wear that leprechaun suit soon? I LOVED that pic you had on your blog last year. =)


Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary! May you one day get roses for a 60th!

Mrs. Kwitty

Well, Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!

What a sweet story! Isn't it so great how love works out? I enjoyed hearing how you and your sweety met--and really, who doesn't know what a love enticer plungers really are? lol May you have many many more years of wedded bliss ahead of you!

Glad to hear your Mom is doing better :o)

Smiles, Karen

(hey Betty, pop over to my blog and find out how to get entered into a nice prize drawing!)

karla nathan

I am so glad your mom is doing better! And happy anniversery! He does sound like a keeper.


Happy Anniversary!!!

6 months huh? You beat us by three months. We met nine moths before we got married...we've been married 12 years now.

Congrat on all the good things happening in your life!!

Jenn and Jacqui

Hi Betty! Happy Anniversary to two sweethearts, how cute the plumbing and scrabble! We were thinking about you and your Mom, getting a little worried, but you are back, relief, and Mom's okay, she's probably a little shaken up by the whole ordeal. Congratulations to Karen, she will be thrilled! And we have some of Sadies things coming too, love her cuties, we agree, one is not enough! Well dear Betty we will be away for awhile but you are never far away in our thoughts, will pop by when we can :) Take care, huge hugs to ((((you and Christy and yOUR Mom))) Jenn and Jacqui xo

Karin (creativechaos)

Happy Anniversary Betty!!! I love the part where he stole your heart with a plunger!! Take care of yourself!!


Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!Well, I have heard of winning the heart of a man through his stomach, but a woman's heart from a toilet plunger? May you have many, many more anniversaries.

Alicia McElrath

Happy anniversary Betty!!! What a great story! Thanks for sharing!!


Happy Anniversary! He sounds like a sweetheart! Hold on to him! :-)


An anniversary and a coming home Mom--what could be better??

Amy Wagner

Happy Anniversary Betty and sweet hubby with the best game-Scrabble (and plunger, too!) and best movie. I love all the Planet Of The Apes movies!!

I am so very happy that your Mom is coming home and is a strong lady!!!!!! I am smiling for you!!

pinkie denise

Hello Betty,
I am so glad your mom is coming home, and its so nice to see you with Carole! If someone came to my
door I don't know, unfolded laundry crafts and bits
of paper everywhere....I know life goes on inspite of it. Happy anniversary to you, I love Planet of the Apes, brings back memories.....Take care Pinkie


Betty and Hubby, Happy Anniversary !

Ain't love grand ! ! !

Hugs, Janice


Happy Anniversary! Loved reading your story! So great to hear that your mom is coming home in just a couple days!

miss paula

Happy Anniversary Betty from Kauai!!

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