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February 10, 2008


Alison Gibbs

Things are sounding great for your mother.
Take care

Jenn and Jacqui

Hi Betty, you keep that sense of humour sweet lady :) Your Mom will be home in no time. Had to laugh re your Mom's cooking tastes, mine (Jenn's) is exactly the same, I can't cook anything quite the right way!! lol Take care Betty and hug for Christy. Jenn and Jacqui

Natasha Burns

You're sounding a bit better today Betty - she'll be home before we know it. Now, if only we can work out a way for you to smuggle the machine in there. What about one of those little hand held sewing machines you see on the channels that sell stuff all the time? (i can't think of what they're called). Love the humour, your mom sounds like lots of fun!


Hi there Betty.Just to say that I am thinking of you...big hugs from the UK...Sal;-)

the feathered nest

Hi Betty, I'm glad that she & you are doing well and it's really good that she likes the food there! She'll be home before you know it!




Hello Betty - so glad to hear that your mum is recovering and that all the family are around to help. Please don't feel too badly about where she is, she will be well cared for and she knows how much you all love her


Caregiver's Prayer:
May the wellspring of Compassion be opened to you as you reach out in care. May soothing words find a home in you. May Tenderness bless you as you reach out to comfort body, mind, and spirit. In the midst of fear and frustration may Courage be given to you. When difficult decisions confront you, may Wisdom inspire you. May Patience keep vigil with you and Peace of Mind calm you. May your heart find a song to sing when you are weary. May Abundant Love lift you and Gratitude bless you as you live the mission of care entrusted to you.
Blessing written by Pat Bergen, CSJ


I'm happy that your mom is doing better. And bringing a sewing machine into a gloomy waiting room would not only do you some good... but I bet money it will cheer everyone else up too! You should do it!


Thank God your mother is doing so well! Believe me, we had my mil in several nursing homes before she passed away (she had dementia on top diabetes and many other problems) and some of those places would make you sick. Other places were like little resorts--she was shifted from one home to another according to what 'problem' she had. A lot of it has to do with understaffing and overworked nurses, but even so...what excuse is there to ignore someone for hours? My husband and bil visited her every day to keep on top of things. Those sad places you talked about are places where people are forgotten. Obviously, you'll never forget your mama! Abd the place where your mom is staying sounds wonderful, with a really caring staff! And with your mom's great attitude, I bet the healing process will be very fast.
Oh, and the bias tape thing...isn't it funny that when you think you've learned everything, you find something new?


So glad to hear your mother is already starting therapy. And to hear you're on the "up". I suggest wrapping your sewing machine in a white sheet and writing "THERAPY EQUIPMENT" on the outside with a black marker. Walk in with that and don't look anyone in the face...go in your mother's room and quickly shut the door! DO something adventuresome... LOL I dare you!


I have heard more stories of how people who are really sick or nearly at death's door...make their loved ones laugh and lighten the whole situation. I'm going to try and remember this when my family is near my bedside :)


Hi Betty, All I can do is repeat what all these kind readers have said; I am glad that your mother is doing better and she will get the physical therapy there that will enable her to get home faster ! It is so hard to get through these times but we do. And taking your knitting or crocheting with you is just the ticket to keep your creative spirit going while you spend time with your mom. That spirit is such a part of you and will sustain you through it all !

Prayers and loving thoughts are sent to you and your mom ! Janice


Hi Betty I have been away for the weekend at a quilting retreat - so just catching up. I can't imagine how you felt signing those papers? I have made the same promise to my Mum - but your situation is so different. I am sure your Mum will do well and soon be back with you. Do remember - you cannot do the impossible. Your Mum is so rich to have someone who loves and cares so much. Take care and keep your chin up. Mary xx

Karen Young

Hi Betty, It sounds like mom and you are doing much better. She will be mend quickly and be home soon. Somehow, I don't think you will be able to take your sewing machine over there. *very big grin*

Hugs Karen

miss paula

Betty I just know your mom is going to work out all the kinks and be good as new!!

I will be e-mailing you about something in a couple of days!!

Esther Sunday

Betty - this is good news. I checked in hoping for an update. Tell your mom to keep up the good work! I know your love will pull her through - nursing home or not! Love, Esther

Pat Griffith

my thoughts are with you and your family Betty sending prayers and healing strength to your mom.

Pinkie Denise

Hello Betty,
I have been thinking about you and your mom....
I glad everything went well with her surgery, take care Pinkie Denise


Hey there sweetie,

I'm sorry you've been so upset. I'm glad things seem brighter today. You have done the best for your mom, and I think she feels the love you have for her, in everything that you do.
I know what it's like to spend so much time in health care facilities. I have a care basket that I pack for such times. With good things to eat and drink. Books, magazines and my handwork. I always put in some nice smelling lotion and some Tylenol too. If I'm staying the night, I pack a soft throw to cuddle with. It's important to take good care of yourself, so you can be there for the ones that depend on you. Have you tried needle punch yet? That looks like a nice compact craft, and the results are very pretty.

Amy Wagner

OH MY GOSH!! I love that photo of you and your brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think your Mom is full of wisdom....plus my Mom and Grandma used to use that saying often.

Tell your Mom you will get some "rehab recipes" so she can like YOUR food and get home quickly!;)
I'm sure you are a super great cook- I only tease, you know!

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