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February 17, 2008


Alison Gibbs

Wow one Year Blogaversary - congratulations.
You certainly have some pretties in your photos.
Your Mom sounds like she is doing really well. No doubt you will feel like pulling your hair out after you have heard the tinkling of the bell for the millionth time. We know how much you love your Mom but it doesn't stop you getting to the hair pulling stage.
Take care


I'm so glad that your mum is making progress!!That's really good news.
Well done on your blog anniversary! Sal;-)

jessi nagy

happy blogaversary!!!
congrats! it's been a fun year!
here's to another year of fun, friends and crafting.


Best wishes to you and your mom. I so enjoy reading your blog and your daughters. Happy anniversary!!!

miss paula

Oh Betty!! Happy Blog Birthday!!! You are truly a talented gal!!

I am glad I found your Blog as you have shared pretty things, shared about you and your mom and family.

PS Be glad she won't have an Air Horn to call you. That might make the bell a little better to handle!!

Alicia McElrath

Congrats on the one year! I love your blog and am glad to come and visit! I love all that you do!


Happy happy blogaversary ! What a reason to celebrate. And a big THANK YOU to you Betty for all your passion and creativity and most of all thank you for sharing you ! Not all will take the risk to let people know them on the level you do. You, like the fellow bloggers you have thanked, are a rich treasure of the blogworld.

I am so glad to hear that you mother is making progress and, like you say, she will be home before you know it. Get that bell ready because you will need it soon. ! Janice

María Elena

Betty, I began to read blogs seeking inspiration for art, but also I found, joy, sadness, families, "life" as all persons.Your blog have "that". Happy anniversary blog!


Betty! Congrats on one year blogging! Wow, isn't blogging a whole new world? Nice to hear good news of your mother's progress. And when she's back with you, we'll be here then too!

Amy Wagner

Oh Betty,my Mom had a little blue and white porcelain bell she would ring too. I loved her so very much yet some days (and nights after the second ring and it is 3:00 am) I wanted to throw the blessed bell against the wall and just crawl into her king size bed next to her to avoid hearing that bell!!!! Now I think of all the times I heard that bell and wish I could hear her ring it just one more time.
Keep your heart light and find a few minutes each day to take a deep breath--even if it has to be while you're in the bathroom to take a tinkle...one of the only places people will let you be alone with your thoughts!!!!! Teehee.
I do understand you Betty. Even though we have never met.

Karen Young

Betty, congratulations on your one year blog anniversay. I'm so glad your mom is getting stronger and walking more. It won't be long until she is home again.


Mary Issabella

Wow Betty a whole year. I hope I make it that long. Wonderful news about your Mom. Please enter me in your give away...Smiles

Natasha Burns

Happy Bloggiversary Betty! How wonderful your mom is getting better, I can't wait to hear how she is annoying you every five minutes, that will be a wonderful sign, lol!


Happy Anniversary Betty! I have really enjoyed sharing this past year with you and look forward to reading your posts and comments. I am so glad your mum is recovering well and am looking forward to sharing the next part of your journey. Here's to many more posts!
It's a strange world isn't it, just this morning I was looking at the little sachet and angel you sent me last year and then I go and find a photo of them on your blog today!!!


Happy Blog birthday!!!
So happy to have found you and know you :)
Happy your mom is coming home...just basically happy all around :)

karla  nathan

Betty, ou've been a good friend to all of us too! good luck with your momma.


Good for you that it has been a year! Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with (for me!)but always so enjoyable to post!
Love stopping here!

Pinkie Denise

Hello Betty,
I missed you, been busy, as you are too. So glad to
hear good progress about your mom and what a beautiful post, so very true about blogging I feel the same....Congratulations on your blogging anniversary, and I would love to win your drawing... Pinkie Denise


Hi Betty - 12 months! How quickly time flies. I think you deserve a 'give away' for being such a committed blogger. So glad your Mum is doing well.
Take care


Congratulations on your anniversary! So good to hear that your Mum is doing so much better. Hope you have lots of hair! Take Care, Rachael:)

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