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February 29, 2008


Sweet Cottage Dreams

What a great project and this turned out so cute. You mother will love it. Betty, hang in there. I'd help you if I lived close by!!!

I tagged you today...come and play if you like.



Wow that blossom is just amazing, we still have a little while to wait for such sights here in the UK.


There is still snow on the ground here but that pictures gives me a lot of HOPE. :)


My daddy tells me things too! Isn't it crazy?
Your foam board is great! And what in the world with those things blooming???? We are weeks away from anything like that!!! TISNF!!! (ask a teenager what that means :)


Taking care of your mom is a hard job, and I do not envy you.

Karen Young

Oh Betty, I want pink blossoms too. At this very moment we are getting another 6 to 8 inch of snow. *sigh*.

I love the picture board you made. That is a wonderful idea.


Beth Leintz

What a beautiful picture of the pink blossoms- I love your pink toile memory board too!


I really enjoy reading your blog. The blooms are breathtaking! I will be heading over to Etsy to check out your stuff.


karla nathan

that is wonderful fabric!!

I am so jealous of the pink blooms. We had a nice day today, I only needed 2 sweat shirts, no coat. But everything was grey and muddy and yucky. No pink blooms here! thanks for showing them to me, I needed some spring time.


All that pink made me breathless!


Wow, the tree is amazing. I spent 40-minutes this morning shoveling snow and this picture just makes me swoon for spring.

We've had so much snow here in the Chicago area it's ridiculous.

Natasha Burns

Hi Betty!
I'll come back and check out the pics - for some reason lots of blog photos aren't loading for me and I am dying to see what you did with the barefoot roses fabric (one of my fave ranges!).
The pink blooms did show for me, how wonderful that Spring is coming for you so soon!!

María Elena

Wonderful project! The flowers are impressive. Here, my trees have lost some flowers.

Amy Wagner

I love the pink blooms. Remember I told you once that my sister-in-law lives about an hour from you? She has been telling me about the trees too!!!
I love the board you created. So Beautiful. I made one and used the same supplies- but it was "Hello Kitty" fabric and made for my daughter Anna's room!!
I like the James Bond look of your Dad :)
I really like the vintage photos on the board too--relatives or pretend relatives?????

Your Mom is just seeing how much she can push the envelope of faux helplessness. Somedays are bound to be better than others. Hang in there.

miss paula

Hello Betty!!

My what a beautiful tree! When we were in Kauai I saw the most beautiful plumeria tree in pink!! I put a flower on blog!!

My daughter flew into Fresno on Friday and is there until Monday! Staying in a dorm with boyfriend's friend (girl) I am praying!!! Didn't want her to go, but she is an adult and I have been praying like crazy!!

miss paula

Oops I forgot. I bought two 1/2 yard squares of fabric in Kauai and your idea of the picture thingy is great for putting up some of our pictures!! Thanks!! I like it!

Oh this store had BEAUTIFUL fabric!!!!


Awe hon, I know its hard and can sometimes make you loose it. But you will one day never regret the time with your mom! I had those same days when I had to do so much for my and I was worn so thin, but I would do it over again a million times if I ha d her back. I'll be she'll have great stories to go along with the pictures she choses! much Love coming your way this evening, Lori


thanks for popping by my blog and commenting re: Pop Tarts! :) I think the secret is not so much that Pop Tarts are the secret to recovery but that attitude that makes us hang on. You are doing great, just stay tough. Maybe do a few REALLY nice things for yourself, it all helps!


Hi Betty, 72 degrees!!! You're sooo lucky! Chicago is still very cold! Glad to hear your Mom is home now. My Mom is 81 and she lives upstairs in our inlaw apt,so I had to laugh when I read about how your Mom calls you just to see where you are. lol. Mine does that all the time! I go all the way down in the basement to start sorting laundry and before I can even get a load in the washer, My Mom is calling me!!! I keep saying "WHAT???" but she can't hear good so she doesn't hear me! I drop what I'm doing , go all the way back upstairs, ask her "what do you want??" and she says"nothing,I was just wondering where you are" arrrggg!!!lol!
I LOVE the note board you made! It's beautiful! I've wanted to make one of those for a long time, but I never made one so I didn't really know how to get started on one.I'll have to make one, one of these days.


Alicia McElrath

Oh my goodness I love that pink tree!!! So pretty!

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