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February 27, 2008


karla nathan

I'm glad she is doing so well! And how good are you to take such great care of her?!

I need to get that book, it is on my list to pick up! I painted the back of my kitchen cabinets with glass doors pink and love the look. I use pink all over my house, it is such a flattering color. I am painting the ceiling of my stairway pink today.

Alison Gibbs

Betty how wonderful that your Mom is home and managing so well on her walker.
You will have to remember that you are a sweet and patient daughter when you hear that bell for the millionth time.


I'm so glad that you mom is home and doing well, even as a bell ringer!

I ordered this book too, but have yet to receive it. I received the bill, but no book. Guess I should call. I'm dying to get my hands on this book.


Oooh! I like the look of the book.
So glad your mum is getting around well.;-)


God bless you. And I mean GOD BLESS YOU real good!
thinking of you each day, never forgetting that you have been a blessing to me. Proverbs 31

Karen Young

I'm so glad your mom is doing good. I'm sure you will sleep much better tonight knowing that she is maneuvering around so well. That was cute when she rang the bell just to find you. The book looks good. I have it on my wish list at the book store.



You ARE a patient and wonderful daughter!!! Your MOM is lucky to have you!

Amy Wagner

Yea Betty. Yea Mom!! I am so glad you are able to answer the bell once again. Glad she liked her room makeover. Glad you have a book to steal you away if even for a moment. Glad you had Chi...HEY WAIT...CHINESE!! And you didn't invite me??!!!!

Mrs. Kwitty

What a sweet daughter you are. Glad to hear your Mom is doing so well, and will only get better with your loving care.
Smiles, Karen

pinkie denise

Oh, Betty
I will be praying for you...So glad to hear your mom is home, soon thing will get back to somewhat
normal. When I create it is such soothing therapy and my sanity. Your shop will soon be full Pinkie Denise

María Elena

Betty,time flies, and soon your mom will be accompanying you on your outings.


Haha! Thats funny :) Well I'm glad she is doing well. That book looks great!

Chef Bren

Your a sweetie to take care of your Mom. I hope you have some time to really check out your new book, it looks fantastic. :) Bren


How wonderful that your mom is settled and doing so much better!

That looks like a FABULOUS book! I hadn't heard of that one before. =)


I am so glad to here that your Mom is home and doing well. It is such great news.


Bless you for being such a good daughter. Thanks for updating us on your mom.

That looks like my kind of book, I'll have to look for that online.


That seems like a great book! Have one on order! Good luck to you and mom! Love,Lori


So glad to hear your mom is home & feeling stronger; son't worry, the fear will ease soon.
BTW- Happy Belated Anniversary! I love this story- falling in love over plumbing :-)

Mary Issabella

That is fantastic news. I know once she settles in you will get some good rest. Smiles to you....Mary

Elizabeth Quigley

Hi Betty,
I had to laugh when I seen the title That Bell.LOL Just wait we will have our turn one day to have the bell and our dd's will say the same thing about us. LOL
I am sending you an invite to read my blog.

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