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March 02, 2008


Esther Sunday

Thanks for including me, Betty! You did a great job! Love, Esther


Hi Betty:
I like this. I will try it and link it back to you on my blog tonight. I found my digital camera cable so I can start blogging again with "our" photo off my camera that you DH was so kind to take of us : )
Let me say again, it was truly delightful meeting you in person!!! I lust for your aqua cabinet with the one white drawer.
I can't wait to come up for the mile long yard sale this summer : )
Peace & Love


Wow! Your blooming flowers are beautiful. Thanks for the tag :)


Beautiful photo and joyful memoir, thanks for playing:)


Beautiful photo and joyful memoir, thanks for playing:)

Amy Wagner

I think that is the most beautiful photo I have ever seen, Betty!!!! What a breath of Spring that is :)
Thanks for tagging me. I will try to do my best.
PS Glad you got out of the Mom duty for a time.


Oh Betty~ How gorgeous! I'm so glad you got to get out for a nice drive! Thank you for the very sweet comment about my "blessings" book, you are such a delight~ I'm so glad we met!


I reckon that you truly deserved that outing!Sal;-)

Steph W

I love the six words AND the photo. It's glorious!

miss paula

What a beautiful picture Betty! I am so glad you had time away from the house!!! And, what a place to hang out!!!


I love this almonda orchard (I've never seen one.)Your picture of it is especially picture postcard perfect! Those six words... astute of you to count -- I would have missed it completely!



A stunning photo...and I love your six word description.


Almond orchard!!!! Oh I want to die in an almond orchard!!!! Not today though.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Hi ya Betty!

That is a good one and love the pic that goes with the memoir!

Thanks for playing along,


I love the six word memoir thing. You did a great job with yours -- so fun!

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