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May 21, 2009



Good for you!!! YEAH! If you hadn't told us how would we know!!!
I LOVE your shelf. All your goodies are awsome!!!
Hugs, Lisa

Alison Gibbs

It looks wonderful. Great color for the bookcase


awww betty look at your room.. i love it! so colourful and lovely!


Hi Betty:
What fun you are having. And 3 weeks off from school : ) Do not get into trouble : ) I love the Ocean Breeze Blue paint; it does go with the blue cabinet.
Life is good : )
peace & hugs


What a beautiful blue bookcase ! Vintage toys and fabrics !!! I love everything !!!! xo


wow...it's just beautiful...the colors...the fabric...and your treasures...that little pedal car is precious!


Oh my goodness. The colors make me smile too!!!! I would feel right at home crafting in your new studio. Can I come over???
A big congratulations on your A...I will toot a horn right along side you!
You are a woman with great things in your future :)

LiLi M.

Oh Betty can I please come over and play with you????

This is gorgeous! Sheer hapiness, the colors and what is in the book case, it all is so lovely! Can we please see more of that kewpie doll and the costumes? And above this dream studio you have made dream results in your study. Clapperdeclap, big applause to you, I knew all the time of course that you were a very smart and intelligent girl, no surprise to me! But very well done, I am proud of you!


Everytime I look at your blog it's makes want to sit a my sewing machine again...almost anyway...It's been a long time. Congratualtions on your good grade!

Jacquelene L.

Congratulations on your A, you have worked hard for it and you did it, YAY!

Your studio is a lovely dream come true, I am enjoying seeing your progress on it and reading your happiness.

An MP3 player is a great way to block out unwanted soap opera noise(I hate those). I use mine in my studio to block out crazy neighbour upstairs and boom, boom rap music downstairs, apt. living big bleh.
Enjoy your 3wks off, happy studio creating time.

Jacquelene L.

Jenny Sellars

I am so jealous!! This is beautiful! I might have to go check out that spray paint!! I use a ton at my shop and that looks like a great color!

Karen Young

Betty, congratulations on your A...way to go.

What fun you are having sorting through your treasures and organizing your own creative space. I really enjoyed taking a closer look at all the goodies on your new blue shelves.

Hugs Karen

Paula S

Betty, I LOVE your space, it's adorable!


Big hooray for doing so well in school!
Blue and red are a perfect match. I am loving your new craft room.


"I just sat at the table and sorted through treasures this afternoon and didn't want to come out." - this is so me. if only we could stay there for the rest of the day.

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