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February 19, 2010



As much as I like pink... I don't think I could take a whole wall of it Betty lol
I could think of other places to use it though... cards is a great start.
Happy PS my friend.
Love Claudie


Marvellous! I can easely imagine One whole wall papered with it! in a bright room!
Groovy Pink Saturday to you too! Mine is, as we are on holidays :)


hmmmm, I don't know that I could do a whole room like that....unless I had a large bottle of aspirin around! hehehe! I am in the tag swap too and can't wait!


Oh, that wallpaper gives me flash backs to "Laugh In" and all the psychodellic swirls they showed on the show! LOL! But, I do think it will be just wonderful with the Alice in Wonderland Tag Book Swap. I joined, as well. Can't wait to see it all done!

Have a great day,


Why, yes! Perfect from another "16" year old! Happy Pink Saturday!

karen cox

Hi Betty,

This wallpaper is very MOD! Thanks for writing about Karla's swap. I love everything Alice, so I joined too.

Happy Pink Saturday,


The word dizzy comes to my mind. However, thirty years ago I would have loved this and begged to put it up in my bedroom! Please post how you use it.



I absolutely LOVE it! It is so retro yet so back in style. The first thing I thought of was to use it digitally. Add a retro photo of yourself on it like a frame.

CollectInTexas Gal

It is sooooo Groooovy, Gal! A few years ago, I redid a 70's home. Every bedroom had 70's Foil wallpaper except ONE. It had a purple one like the one you've shown. I replaced all but that Purple PeterMax looking Wallpaper. It was soooooo groovy! What a find and what fun you will have groovin in the 70's.

LiLi M.

It is really called groovy! I just don't believe this! I love it especially picturing you with your gogo boots in front of it! Didn't you have those very cool laaaarrge glasses then?
Just day dreaming too, must be the wallpaper it's turning me psychelic too. Have a g-rrroovy weekend too!


OH my goodness, you have transported me right back to my childhood bedroom!! This is great, I love it totally 'Groovy'
Happy Pink Saturday to you!
thanks for stopping by


Super coool! Thanks so much for sharing. I will be back soon and have a wonderful Pink Saturday. Cheers, Lia

CollectInTexas Gal

Hey Betty.....The Apron Pattern is Simplicity #2492. I lined the shoulder pieces and the front down to the pockets and lined the pockets...just EZer to line and makes for a bit heavier feel...otherwise followed the pattern instuctions. The fabric is by MODA and is called 'Rawhide'...sure glad I lined it...LOL! The pattern is regularly $16.95...RIDICULOUS!!!...but caught a Pattern Special at Hancocks...$1 a pattern....Yep, I got several different ones including a Butterick RETRO one. You can see it on my other blog at
It's the next one I'm going to make. Glad you liked the Apron Post!...Sue


Betty, I was right there with you and I'm not on any medication:)....hugs, Linda

p.s. Hope you are feeling better.


Wow, now that's some Pink!


I think the designer of that paper much have been using some "mood enhancers"...don't you? :) Actually, I made a couple of pictures for our townhouse (I'm talking late 70s here) by stretching a wild print like that (fabric) over artists frames. It was mainly yellow..my favorite color...and it, too, was wild! :)

Good luck with your Alice Swap...that sounds like fun! Happy Pink Sat!! Dana


Whoa!!! Seventies flashback! I will definitely send you my address! I think it's great, groovy wallpaper! Did you see my pincushion on the teapot at the tea party? Love it - it's waay groovy, too. LOL
Happy Pink Saturday ♥♥♥ Nancy


Oh I love it! I think I'd definitely frame a piece to hang on the wall!! Thanks for the congrats-we are so excited and happy! Happy pink week!!


Hello Betty, I CAN picture it and I am smiling. James Bond girl and all. That pattern does bring a memory to focus. Fun days for me too. Party on...

Hugs, Jeanne


I guess we'd call that wallpaper busy. :) Thanks for setting the scene. Enjoyed!

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