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February 08, 2010



I might have been afraid to eat "her"! She looks like she had too much personality! But I bet she was good!!!


I love cupcakes too! and i love Yours very much!


hee hee, that is so cute!!!


Oh Betty,

I am just catching up on your last FIVE posts ! Amazing how one family member's surgery keeps you hopping. As you know, he is doing very well, but just a lot of appointments and extra errands .

Starting with this post - those little cupcakes are just so sweet. It must have been fun making them. The valentines were also so very sweet. The vintage ones are just so much fun to collect and look at. Your swap package should keep you busy for quite a while and included some great things. And it is always great to see how your family is doing. Your daughter looked absolutely stunning in her green dress, and everyone looked so nice dressed in their finery.

And last but not least- how I love your vintage china pieces ! The colors and design are my absolute favorites. When I look in the thrift shops and antique shops I either never see them or they are a bit pricey. For me they wouldn't need a purpose but to just look beautiful !

Glad to be able to catch up with you Betty !

Hugs, Janice


Oh I love cupcakes too! The tag is wonderful!!
Hugs, Lisa


Hello dear Betty
I just made some cupcakes. I made them with 3 different coloured icing. Pink, blue and yellow. I made sure they all had tonnes of sprinkles...and then there were none lol All gone just like that. Yummy I ADORE your cupcakes.
Just popping in to wish you a very happy Valentines.
Love ya
Love Claudie

Brenda Kula

I've got to lose this last ten pounds I've gained since I hurt my foot last May. GOT TO!

Maggie Ann

How adorable...irresistible =). I fell off the diet wagon today too. Well, yesterday really. Just when I felt like I had conquered the world too. Its ok...that 8 pounds likes me I guess.

Maggie Ann

Thanks for visiting my blog..=). No, the perfume bottle isn't vintage. J bought it at her hospital gift shop. Oh those hospital gift shops! I love them. They often have the nicest things for sale. btw...love your vintage Valentines!


THat is a great tag! So cheery and charming.

Karen Young

Hi Betty, I love the cupcakes and the tag is so sweet. I also really enjoyed all the Valentines.

Hugs Karen


I haven't met a cupcake I didn't fall in love with! Isn't this just our time of the year.......
Happy Valentine's Day



I love Valentine's Day too, and would love to make another week of it.

I love the cupcakes, and your tag! They are charming in that way, that makes me smile.


Thank you for the shut out on this post!! Your tag is so cute. I would expect no other automatic result from your talent. Love it!

Susan Freeman

If one is going to fall off the diet wagon (and who doesn't) what better way to fall off than with a cupcake!

Susan and Bentley


What I love is...a cupcake is yours and you never have to share! HAHA!


Betty! How adorable!!! Cute! Cute! Cute!

And I know all about the diet wagon and falling off... I've been in the gutter recently. ;-)

Happy Pink Valentine's Day to you!


Sheila :-)


lol...love that last valentine...very cute.

Have a great Happy Valentines Day,

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