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February 03, 2010



Don't worry Betty! I'm not going to suggest you start a butter pat collection ;)
(I have one if that tells you anything...)
The photos show it was a fun event! Wow!
Those babies are cherished!

Brenda Kula

How nice to have a gift upon your return! I need to lose weight. And I probably need a new haircut as well. You're in good company!


I love Valentines Day and what sweet goodies you received and gave.

Your collage of the christening is so cool. What a wonderful day and celebration. Betty, your daughter looks beautiful and you too. I like your drees...but I know what you mean about the panty hose, I've been there too, plus I need new glasses and to lose weight too:)...hugs, Linda

LiLi M.

Hi Betty, I think we could easily make a club up here: people who want new haircuts and want to loose weight. I have contacts, so I won't join the new glasses club though. Your daughter looks so beautiful! Haha, you cracked me up with that caviar story! It reminds me of a visit to Prague when I was studying and the iron curtain was still hanging firmly. We were there invited by the Czech government. It was such a beautiful town. You could buy anything, but the choice was limited. When you were in a restaurant you could choose from let's say 15 starters, but when you tried to order all you could actually get was caviar. So the third day I said to my fellow students: no not caviar AGAIN! This sentence became a running gag!

Sheri and Sophee~a

You crack me up.....
It has been another long week~I am so glad that it is a 3 day weekend.

I am off on Monday and next Monday too!

Ash and I are going to do the Antique fair in March. I am sort of scared...I have to be awake by 4:am to set up.

Oh well....lots of coffee and praying for no RAIN!!!


I love these Valentine decorations! Lovable swap! Your daugther twin nephews' christening sounds lovely! I need new glasses too :) Big Hugs xo

Geralyn Gray

I love how you collaged all the pictures.....I am so glad you took pictures of what was inside the packages.....I will try to share it soon. I have a list like yours to do.......and I hope 6 months from now they are to done!!!!!!!!!


Hi Betty,

You look very nice in the photos, I think, and your daughter looks lovely too. Aren't days like this so special? I love how they celebrate new life, and the future. So full of optimism and the good things in life.

I've watched 4 Doc Martin shows. Love them!


Love the pictures. I laughed at your story about the food. How FUN!!!

Melony at Whimsy Daisy!

I have never had caviar, so I lived vicariously through you. Your daughter is so beautiful. The green is stunning on her. My husband and I came to the conclusion that we MUST start a "healthy" lifestyle. I can't bear to say the word "diet". I am at an all time high and am absolutely miserable...out of breath, can't bend over without the belly getting in the way...miserable!!! We have talked about it long enough and really and truly need to act on it. But, gosh...I HATE to even talk about it.

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