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June 05, 2010



What a sweet stash! Love vintage linens too! Happy Pink Saturday:)


Pretty linens and the knitted cover lovely!My late mother knit so many of these and I treasure every one!Happy PS!


Love the linens and the blanket is beautiful! I hate to say it, but I long for the cool fall/winter months:)I don't do the heat very well.



Happy Pink Saturday!

Great knits!

~ Gabriela ~


Oh yay you got a house!!! And $20,000 is a huge difference!
I can't wait to see your home and all you do to it :) what fun!
I love your afghan!!! and linens of course :)


Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to the new house.. I'm so happy for you. I love,love,love these sweet linens. They're just beautiful and wonderful..I'm not sure I would ever be able to give up linens.
As I read the rest of your post,I just can't tell you how touched I was with your get well wishes and for sending people over to visit. That was like a warm hug from home and I thank you...you are such a sweetie. Happy Pinks and have a wonderful weekend..


love the vintage linens! Happy Pink Saturday. Debbie

CollectInTexas Gal

Congrats on your new house...I know you are sooooo excited. I laughed about your sending stuff back to Goodwill! I just finished doing the same thing...what was I thinking to get that stuff in the first place! Love all your vintage linens!

Brenda @ Shabby Cats and Roses

Hi :) Lots of pretty vintage linens to behold!

Happy Pink Saturday to you!
Warmest, Brenda


Great news, Betty. I hope your new home will bring days filled with love and joy.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear friend.


How wonderful!
Happy Pink Saturday.
Have a lovely weekend.


wow...moving. There is nothing like moving to help you sort out and clean out! That is surely one advantage. Sweet things you have there!


Congratulations on the house! What fun it will be to move in and make it your own. ::Jill


Your blanket is marvellous! Your vintage linens as well! My favorites are the two with the embrodery of little girls ❤ You'll be in your house before the end of July, this is very quick! You must be very excited! Happy Pink Suturday!


Dear Sweet Betty:
How are you?
I wondered if I offended you with my comment long time ago : (
I think kindly of you and am glad I can come by and say hello today.
Come by and say hi and see how my grand baby looks in the tutu I made her months ago.
Much love & peace

Brenda Kula

Congratulations! A new home to decorate! Oh, but the packing and sorting. You make sure you take lots of breaks. Moving is not for the faint of heart. I can't wait to see your new place! Love the blanket!


You finished it!! It is absolutely gorgeous.
Oh, poor CC! I didn't know that-yikes.
Congratulations on finding your new home.
Happy PS~


Congratulations on the new home! I love old linens, especially embroidered ones. Thanks for giving a glimpse of yours before packing them!

Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

LiLi M.

Congrats on your new home Betty! I do hope everybody will be very happy over there! Your blanket is gorgeous, have a nice weekend!


Yipee!!!!!!! I am so glad you got a house to make your own home, full of love. I can't wait to see your great decorating and cute things in it.

Your linens are wonderful. Did I spy some rose pillow cases. I thought I saw some that look like what I was lucky enough to find while thrifting...I fell in love with them. I have been washing and putting them right back on for a few months now, even though I have plenty of others in the linen closet!!
I am so very happy for you and your family. Can I come help you pack??!

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