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June 18, 2011



Hello Betty!
I hope this note finds you feeling much better and that you have adjusted to your new medication by now. It's wonderful that you and your hubby are able to enjoy the beautiful sights so close to home! Does Louie go for the ride, too? :) The waterfall pictures you posted are lovely -- I look forward to seeing pictures from your future trips as well! In addition, I'm anxious to hear about your treasure hunting -- where have you gone, what did you find, etc.! How exciting! I wish for you safe trips and I hope your adventures are full of love, laughter and fun!


Miss Betty I am so glad to see you are enjoying a wonderful time with your husband. Sounds like a dream to me. I am a bit of a homebody. I did not forget about the tags and have added to the lot in the box. It will be ready for delivery by Christmas. Enjoy your time and beautiful sights...Smiles...Renee


Oh my! I bet they are so gorgeous! I'm so glad you got to see them. Are you going to a Giants game? We are BIG Giants fans at our house. (But don't worry, I'll still respect you if you like the A's or .........heaven forbid.......the Dodgers.)

How is your new medication doing now? I hope better. I have been to some FABULOUS estate sales lately. I just need to find the time to get things listed on etsy.

Swim team is taking a lot of time this year, but I think things will mellow some a week or so - hopefully so we can get together!



If you have time visit my hometown, Half Moon Bay, just south of San Francisco on Highway 1.

It is a lovely place right on the coast.


You are lucky to live in such a beautiful (and slightly warmer) place! It's very beautiful here in Montana but the weather can turn on you in a heartbeat. In fact a woman in my store the other day commented that she has lived many places, and the "wait 5 minutes" adage that she's heard all over the country really has only proved correct in Montana. She added that it's more like 3 minutes instead of 5!


Sounds like great plans. I love Half Moon Bay!!!

Sandy McClay

Oh Betty! How lucky youa re to live in that part of Ca where you can go so many places, Arizona is pretty much just burning up right now, it is so tragic....such a beautiful part of the state just gone....over a half million acres!!!! Those waterfalls are incredible! When you go to SF have a crab sandwich for me! :):) Sandy


Hey Betty,

I bet your feel so much better having been in such beautiful places in nature. They are truly stunningly beautiful. Who took all of those great pictures ! ? ! I bet the photographer's initials are BB !

And when you get to the ocean next week you may feel even better with all of those wonderful ions, soothing sounds and more breathtaking beauty.

You truly do have great national treasures in your area ! Hugs, Janice


I dream to see the Yosemite National Park one day!!! To see the falls and the giants sequoias. Your photos are enchanting! It's incredibly beautiful! It does sound like a fabulous journey! Hugs

Jennifer Hester

Sounds Wonderful! I am jealous! :)

Terri Sue

dear betty,
i just found you. i love your site. i just can't figure out how to subscribe to you. help!
terri sue

Ellie Kimmel


I was so sorry to see in a post of your from a couple years ago that your friend lost her Maine Coon,Beemer, to heart disease. It is terrible that Maine Coons suffer from heart disease – usually hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). I am a pet-owner of two Maine Coons, both of whom are heterozygotes for the recently discovered MyBPC-3 genetic defect which causes HCM in Maine Coons. As a researcher by profession (though not in medicine), I have begun researching HCM in various lines of Maine Coons in an effort to correlate DNA status with clinical disease. The purpose of my research is private: I am merely seeking to trace current Maine Coons who are positive for the MyBPC-3 defect back through lines that may or may not have presented HCM in the past. None of my data will be published or disseminated in any form.

I was wondering if you would be willing to give me the names of the parents & grandparents of Beemer? It is very helpful in studying HCM to have ancestral information on cats who might have had HCM - sometimes it is even possible to hazard a guess as to whether or not the cat might have been positive for the known defect (which was identified in 2005.)

Any information you can provide would certainly be appreciated. Again, I am so sorry for the loss you & your friend suffered. Breeders have better tools now to control HCM, but there is still much work to be done to eradicate this terrible disease. I am grateful that research continues on the genetic defects that can cause HCM in Maines. Hopefully, some day soon we will be able to screen genetically for HCM and thus sharply reduce the number of cases among Maine Coons (and other breeds including domestics as well.)


Ellie Kimmel
Charleston, SC


Hi Betty...its been a while since I have been to see you....what beautiful pictures...enjoy your Staycation :)


Hi Miss Betty! Hope you are doing okay!! Jenny

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