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June 10, 2011



I hope the adjustment period ends very soon - and favorably.

Hey, Betty. I see some pink birdhouse in this photo. It is Pink Saturday time, you know.♥


Dear Betty,

What a wonderful job you have done making your outdoor space as homey and cozy as your indoor space !

New meds are the pits. But all will be well dear Betty. Funny thing too is I am having some reactions to medications as well myself, but no matter what has happened I always return to normal, or what is normal for me !

Take care and big hugs, Janice


Miss Betty I do hope you get to feeling better soon. Many hugs and sweet dreams. Sometimes the medicines make it worse before they make it better..smiles...Renee

auntie bliss

BUT thank goodness for the drugs! and the time to sleep :) which is fun :)
'specially on a porch like that one!!!
i think your mojo might be under that quilt ;)


What's wrong my friend? email me please. I'm sorry your feeling bad...
Thinking of you

Jenny Sellars

I'm with ya. I have a new sinus med that is kicking my butt!! It has made me so sick this week I have not been able to do ANYTHING! But finally today I am starting to feel a little normal! Hope you get better soon!!


Hello Betty, I hate to hear you are not feeling well. I once had a thyroid problem that did that to me. The meds helped me so much. I hope you are your perky self soon.
Your patio and garden looks wonderful. I love the quilt.

We are still in Maine with a bad computer connection. Early in the morning and very late at night is the only time I can use my computer. We are loving it here but this morning it is 49 degrees and rainy. So will stay in and play some cards and watch some movies on the DVD. We don't have a TV either. No Service. I don't miss the TV but I DO miss visiting my friends. That would be you. Smile.I hope this goes through.
Wishing you 'well'

Susan Reaney

I'm sorry, Betty. I hope this stage passes.
Big hugs,


Oh dear Betty! I sure hope you improve quickly and it's worth the temporary sleepiness. At least we've had a glorious start to summer and it's been sweet sleeping weather. (I do try to look on the bright side - although this one might be a stretch.)



You do have a lovely patio! Take care! xo


Betty, I hope you adjust to the medication and get back to normal soon.

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