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August 03, 2011



Loved "The Search" just finished that one!


Love this post full of ordinary and good things. Enjoying each day is important because boy, are you ever right - time speeds up after 50!


I have http://www.flickr.com/photos/14915441@N07/2144730939/in/pool-57139674@N00/


wird computer troubles


I'm totally hooked on Jack Reacher. I've just recently discovered this series and am now on my 7th book. I can't get enough!



I must have switched places with you. Haven't picked up a book since last winter. Well, unless it was a crafting book. Enjoy each page...Carrot cake is a favorite at this house and I do love to make it but with fresh carrots how can you beat that? Smiles...Renee



How do you keep your geranium looking so fresh, bright and ALIVE ! in 100 plus temperatures. We had two bought at the end of May and they lost all of their blossoms by the end of June ! And we watered them ! Maybe we need to feed them as well.

I love to see all of your fresh vegetables straight from the garden. Haven't had a garden in years, but you can't beat the taste and satisfaction of food from your garden.

Having a teenage son who cooks - with his girlfriend - at your house - PRICECLESS !

I'm with you about loving to read. I have almost finished the entire Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly and I don't know what I will do without another one to read ! Connelly has another Bosch book due out in Nov. or Dec. In between I read 'cozy' mysteries. I read one after the other nonstop. Mary Moody's new mystery about a murder at the Brimfield Antiques Fair was great. The character owns a shop on Cape Cod.

I will have to try Child's Jack Reacher. Catching up with that series should keep me busy for a while.

I have said this before but nobody believes. Time is excelerating. I tell my Jerry this all the time and he doesn't want to hear it. But it's true. I don't pretend to understand it, but scientists are claiming this is true !

Take care dear Betty and hugs, Janice


Betty! The summer has gotten away from me and we didn't get together! September and October are pretty busy for me, but November is a good month. I'm going to try to find a weekend, does that sound good??? Putting stuff on etsy has taken a lot of work. Who knew???


Wow, you think its been hot? I've been thinking its been a mild summer!

The older I get (46) the more I feel I have to accomplish-- cause time is running out! lol


Yes it does fly by when you hit 50 LOOK OUT BETTY!!!
You've been busy oh my.
I'm just getting back to normal here at the cottage.
HAD A BLAST and it hasn't stopped raining since they left. I think God feels my tears : (
I'll keep the adventure going on my blog for all of you.
Love You
Love Me

debbie @ happy little cottage

Carrot cake sounds delicious, and I love the kitchen picture with the kids and dog :). I can't believe it's August either, and time ZOOMS by the older you get!

Thanks for stopping by! I love finding new blogs!

black eyed susans kitchen

Hi Betty, Those carrots look fantastic, but I know they are a labor of love. The kids look like they are having fun at the stove...my kids also tend to take over and bake at all hours of the night.


Betty, everything looks wonderful.

Would you be so kind to leave a comment on my BLOG ONLY, for the Miracle Makeover fund drive. Charlie, 8 yr. old, & his story are fabulous. Every comment brings us a $1 for the next person that will be sponsored.

Have a beautiful weekend.


I'm glad you're reading a lot and enjoying time in your garden...good for you. I'm sad to say that since I started blogging over 3 years ago that my reading of books has dwindled.... a lot. I'm trying to make up for that....I'm starting my reading The Help. I have vowed I will not see the movie til I finish the book....and it's awesome!

I've missed you.....but I understand....totally!!!! :)

Have a great rest of the weekend! dana


Hello Betty, I'm back at last. What a summer I have had. I loved reading about the new you. BIG SMILE!!! I come over to see your latest creations (sewing) and I see your garden and all it's yummy rewards. Since I too love my garden I so understand your new love. It is a whole world of beauty and we can't forget "hard work". How is it that we find that so stimulating? the fact is we do!!! I wish I could have had a piece of that carrot cake. My all time favorite.

I fell like my life is starting over right now. This summer has been one adventure after another and visiting has been nearly impossible. The last of my 18 days of company ended yesterday and I am on my computer for hours and loving it!

Love the new you too. Cute shot of your son and GR.


Oops, GF (girl friend)
Me again, HA!

Jojo Caramel

I like the photo of your son and his girlfriend! Carrot cake... Yum! I love that :) I like reading with a piece of cake, like carrot cake and coffee :) I hope that you are fine! xo


Hi Betty! Has it really been a year? Oh my gosh we have known each other four years now. Seeing the photo of your son and his girl makes my heart smile. Good things come in the form of women!
I will be working on your gingerbread man soon, and I will let you know when he his is finished. I love him in person and hope you will as well.
It is always a fun day to catch up with you. Enjoy your weekend! Elizabeth


Great photos. Love to see your garden and the kids in the kitchen.
Miss you. Can't believe it has been so long aready since we met, that fun day.

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