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October 14, 2011



LOL! Oh, how I can relate to your puppy woes! Three years ago Princess Puppy Paws, AKA Chloe, entered our lives. That first six months were a real roller coaster ride. First you get so mad at yet another "incident" and then they look up at you with their ears back and that contrite look on their little face and all is forgiven. Princess Puppy Paws still applies though. She tries to "do her thing" with as few feet on the wet or cold grass as possible. She gets very insulted when she tips forward and we laugh!


Oh no! Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Lucy is precious, but puppies definitely are a lot of work. Sounds like you need the dog whisperer. She needs something of her very own to chew on. A spritz of water in the face when she chews on something she shouldn't. Or shake coins in a bottle -- those are two things a friend used when her bassets were little. Good luck getting her to calm down. Best wishes, Tammy


Happy pink saturday!!!

Beth Scott

Just found your blog. Please don't quit. I loved it and it's one of the few that I actually read thru. I love your puppy. Isn't it funny how people never talk about the dog peeing on the rug and how they all do it. I burnt up a washing machine washing throw rugs after we got our Sara, a rescued pit with a crushed face. She was worth every penny we spent replacing the machine. I actually have a scrap book on her which includes one of her baby teeth, pictures of her and our other dog, Tug, at all stages of her life, and all of her old rabies and license tags. Oh, yeah, we had chewed furniture too. She outgrew it. The furniture is gone, but she is still here with all the unconditional love she provides. Hang in there, and thanks for sharing a REAL life.


It is funny how you forget puppy days so fast! Every time we have a new one we say it is the last and then...well how do you resist that face? Princess is gorgeous and the new green chew toys are the perfect shade of green. Well spent. Enjoy your time and feel better soon. Smiles...Renee


I hope you're feeling better now. I think you puppy is one of the cutest I've ever seen. Just look at that face! You'll be able to forgive her anything. I am bummed to hear about the cute painted chairs. I love your little wicker in that great shade of green. Things have slowed down a bit for us - although today we're going to the fair because Baby Bee is dancing over in that bandstand/gazebo near the home ec building. Have you been to the fair? I would love to get together soon. I declare I need a vacation from my weekends! LOL

Loretta Thomas

Oh what a cutie! I can relate to the chewing. My Lovie chewed my fave rocker and a rocker I'd repurposed for my grand's! I solved that by bring in a new piece of wood for her to chew on. If she chewed too much I would take it away and give her a chew stick of bacon. Now, she only wants the bacon! LOL! Have a great weekend! Hugs

Susie Jefferson

What a little sweetie! Adorable... so easy to forgive when you look at that little face. She'll be tons better when she's older and has stopped teething.

Happy Pink Saturday and a hug from the UK!


Some days are just that way. Things will get better, but you need to discipline your BABY MORE. IT HAS A CUTE PINK TONGUE.


I just chuckled through this post, Betty! I chuckled cuz I've been there with a doggie just like Lucy....a chew dog and a digger! However, just like you, I loved him, so I put up with it....oh, and he peed on my carpet a lot til we got him trained!!

You do have your hands full.....and I'm sorry you've been sick. :( Hopefully, you've had your limit of colds.....so no more will visit you!

Love your wicker finds.....they were a steal at 50.00!!

HPS!! L, Dana


She looks like she is at least part Border Collie. They are highly intelligent and chew when bored. See if you can find some toys that you stuff kibble into and then she'll spend lots of time trying to get the kibble out. Also, you can spray your new furniture with some bitter apple to discourage her chewing on it. She's adorable and looks like she'll be a wonderful pet. Good luck!



Fall colds are the WORST!! Glad you are feeling a bit better now! Your pups are both so cute! Hope to see you more soon!


Happy Pink Saturday, Betty. I've missed you, and I am so happy that you are back. Now, you just need to stay well - and say no to colds.

Your new pup is adorable. Hopefully she learns the dos and don'ts very soon.

Gorgeous new wicker pieces. I love the color. And, wow! What a bargain.


Betty! I do hope you find this comment. YES, YES there is a spot for you in the tag swap!!! I have saved a spot hoping you would see the post! YEAH! So happy to have you.
PS your new puppy is so sweet. Only a mother could love such a naughty puppy!

Lynn Spencer

The puppy is adoreable! Good luck with the puppy training and hope you are feeling better!

Amy B

$50 for all three pieces?!?! And in good condition!! Nice deal!! But oh that puppy!!! Lots of chew toys, a spray bottle and lots-a-luck!! I have two dogs. They don't chew on the furniture but love to rip everything up in the garbage, unroll toilet paper, steal socks and my personal favorite...poop and pee where they shouldn't!

Jenny's Heart

I hope you are feeling better soon.
Princess Pea Pot reminds me of a dog we had when I was little he was called Peesalot that was his name, not a nickname.
Your wicker set does look good and I love that shade of green.


When this stage passes and the chewing stops, you are going to have one super cute pup. I know exactly what you were thinking... she has the cutest face that can't be resisted!

Love the wicker and hope it makes it!



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