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February 28, 2012



Miss Betty...I cannot wait to see the world through your eyes. Every tiny little detail. I am sending lots of hugs and sweet sentiment. While you were pouting I was too. Never too far to lend an ear. Always Smile...Renee


What a beautiful dollhouse, Betty! I know it will be a wonderful transformation.

I am so sorry about your eye problems, my friend. My thoughts are with you and I'm sending all sorts of positive healing energy your way.



It's true bloggyland is such a supportive place. With girlfriends galore, a dollhouse, and loving husband. We are here for you in sunshine and shade.


Dear sweet Betty, I am so sorry to hear about your eyes!!! I understand the fear you have sweetie! I will be praying for you and for their healing! I love your dollhouse! It is beautiful! What a sweet husband you have. I think that is the perfect anniversary gift! I am glad you are sharing about your eyes and your dollhouse! Your life is not mundane and I am so glad when people share their hearts! Sending you much love and praying the Lord will give you comfort and direct the doctors caring for your eyes! Thank you for visiting me and for your loving words! Love, Paula xo~ Please keep me updated!


Oh Betty, I am so very sorry to hear about your eyes and what you have been going through. I haven't been in touch because I was going through some health issues myself and didn't want to talk just about that. Here it is that you are going through far worse things!

You have always kept it real Betty, and that is why I always think your blog is the best.

And you do have some wonderful news to share about the dollhouse. Every room is just adorable. I especially love the kitchen. That era has always been my favorite. Renovating the house is just what the doctor ordered to lift your spirits.

Your dear hubby comes through agin.

Sending lots of loving healing light,
and big hugs, Janic


opps ! I hope you know that the last comment was from Janice !


Hi Betty. Well, dang it. I'm so sorry to hear about your eye problems....and of course, you have every reason to be scared and bummed out. I am so glad you are putting your creative energies to that wonderful project. . . what a terrific gift from your sweet hubby. He does know you!! I'm also glad to read that you guys bought each other bikes for Christmas...and that you are riding them!! My BFF got one for Christmas, too, and she is having so much fun riding it on local trails with her son and DIL...and anyone else who has a bike!! I don't, but now I want one, too! What a great escape those rides must be.

Your life is far from mundane, Betty. I find your projects so interesting...you are truly a gift to your fellow bloggers and readers and I do hope you continue this great blog.

Come over vent ANY time you want to.......or just "visit"...we all need each other now and then.

Have a good weekend! It was 70 here today...but SNOW is predicted tomorrow! WILD!!

L, Dana


It is 'so pretty'! Betty! really sorry to here about your vision and your fears but am so glad you decided not to delete this blog, it has so much life and personality poured into it!
I adore the dollhouse and can't wait to see what you do with it. It seems rather grand, hope you change it up so that it is fun and colourful ;-) Take care lovely lady - Rachaelxo


Betty, I am sorry I have been away from your blog for so long my dear. I have been absent from my blog for far too long and so absent from my blogging friends too. I love your dollhouse to pieces. How fun it would be to see it in person :)
I hope you have lots of fun doing the makeover. Make the most of each day Betty. I will pray for your eye health.

Jojo Caramel

Oh so sorry to hear about your eyes treatment, Betty! I really hope that you are not suffering. I am wholeheartedly with you, and concerning your dollhouse, its simply marvellous!


I missed this one Betty, I'm sorry. But here I am admiring your doll house. I know that lady felt your sweet heart right away when you bought her little house of love. Your hubby is a keeper ; )
I used to have one too, not as a young girl, cuz my mom wasn't like that, but low and behold she won one 7 yrs ago with a raffle ticket. The darn thing was 5' tall. It was massive. Thank God I had a BIG house then, and could store it. I didn't blog then, so I didn't realize how precious this house was. So many tiny little things that would make my heart pitter patter today. I volunteer for the cat network, so I donated it to them. We sold raffle tickets. I decorated it with tiny Xmas lights and trees and presents. I think we made $200.00. Not much, but ok. I would imagine it would have been worth $1000's, that's how BIG it was and all hand made. So that's my story.
I was just telling Randy last night that the worst things, pain wise, are eye problems ( I had something in my eye once, and they had to freeze it and this drill came down from the ceiling and scared the shit out of me) and once I was using a pin (I know stupid) to separate my eyelashes when I missed and stabbed my eye OMG... The other thing is having a bowel obstruction (which is what I'm going through now). It's like having a freakin baby!!! Contractions that make me scream out loud. i've had it before, but this one hurts like hell. No worries, I have a doc appointment Tues. I want to get to the bottom of this once and for all.
Hang in there gf. DO NOT leave us. I LOVE your blog.

Susan Reaney

That doll house is magnificent. What a nice husband. I am sorry about your eyes. I am not sure exactly what is wrong but it sounds kind of serious...like you are having to have lots of treatment and it isn't working well.
You are in my prayers, dear!

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